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You, TTC, and Your Partner

Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

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Posted by: leycole on Aug 31, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

trying is everything....

I am so lucky with my husband. We have been trying for a baby for almost a year now. Every month I hope that this is the month, so far it hasn't turned out to be the month yet. But everytime i take a negative pregnancy test, or i get my period when i was hoping not to, my husband always tries to make me feel better. He'll by me chocolates and a bottle of wine, anything to sooth my hurt feelings. Even though i know he doesn't fully understand what i am feeling, or why, he tries to be understanding, and he always makes time to listen to me vent about all my fears and anxity about not being able to get pregnant. He's so sweet, i wouldn't be able to do this every month if it weren't for him......
thanks hunny

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Posted by: xtina on Aug 10, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

stay away af!!!

so i think i ovulated on or about july 30th(had a LOT of ewcm)but me and dh didnt do it that day due to the pressure of now i am so sure i am getting af tomorrow(cd 29) i tested today and got a BFN! so bummed!!

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Posted by: BlueEyedCT on Aug 5, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Finally TTC!

My fiance and I have been together going on 4 years. He has been on and off about TTC but with our wedding coming up next month we are now actively trying. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself...I wanna go out and start buying for the nursery! Wish me luck! I have wanted a baby so bad for years, I really hope we don't have any problems!

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Posted by: nhutchens on May 24, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Trying to get DH to talk about Adoption

DH and I have been TTC for over 2 years now. We've done all the tests and everything has come back normal. The doc recommends IUI, but with nothing wrong, I just don't see what the differance is between IUI and 24 months of charting and timed intercourse. It's very exspensive (our insurance doesn't cover anything to do with fertility or testing).
Before we saw the RE, we discussed it breifly and agreed that we would talk about adoption before we did anything drastic (like IUI or IVF). If we do the IUI's and they don't work, we will have lost money that we could use toward adoption.
I've tried to talk to my husband about adoption, but he just says he doesn't know how he feels about it and changes the subject. This has happened on several occassions. It scares me. What if IUI doesn't work, and he decides that he doesn't want to adopt. Will I ever have a child? He says he would like to try IUI, but he wants to wait another year or so for that as well. I'm 30 years old now - I don't want to wait any longer. I always thought that at the very least, by the time I was 30, I would be working on child number 2 ... not still praying for number 1.

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Posted by: charmcgee on May 17, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

TTC Husband Not Sure

Me and my husband have been TTC for about 2 months or rather I have he isn't sure about another child. We have a 12 and 14 year old and my stepdaughter is 24. So he is like the rest of the husband saying he wants to make sure we can afford it. I told him we have struggled with both of our children what is one more. I told him life is full of changes and you don't know whats around the corner. I am 44 years old and he is 48 I just feel like my kids are teens and it would be nice to have a little one around the house. He is coming around we sometimes use protection and sometimes we don't. I'm pretty sure if I did get pregnant he would be happy. Just wanted to vent and TTC can be very tough for couples it takes a while to conceive. And trying to figure out when you are most fertile can be difficult. Please send lots of baby dust our way if not this month then next month. Thanks for listening.

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Posted by: coleyh624 on May 16, 2008
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Very supportive.

I recently found out I have PCOS and my husband is very supportive. In the 2 years we have been trying he gets just as upset as I do when the test was negetive. Now that we know what is wrong we are hoping it happens a lot sooner for us.

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