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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation
Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

Dont wear too big granny pannies!

Posted by: sunray on Thu May 24, 2007
I knew I was on my heaviest day so I THOUGHT I prepared myself. I threw on some baggy sweatpants, long tee shirt, a new maximum protection pad and drove to class. As soon as I stood up from getting out of the car I felt the dreaded "whoosh" but itstead of everything being caught, I started to feel it running down my leg, not one but both! I tried to walk as fast as I could down a major street w/ out looking drunk but I did the best I could.

I wobbled up onto the 2nd floor into the ladies bathroom and could see that it almost got to my sock! I cleaned up as much as I could and I luckily had a sweatshirt that I could wrap around my waist.

I could barely concentrate when I took my test. Wondering HOW this could have happened but then I realized that my panties were too big so whenever I got up to fast, the pad couldnt catch it all! When I was done w/ my test, I stood up and "whoosh" again! This was just not my day! LUCKILY for me, I had another pair of sweatpants and panties in the women's locker room.
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