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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation
Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

Niagra flows at work

Posted by: Danzgirl on Thu Mar 3, 2011
As a woman with a very heavy flow I have always made sure that my bases were covered during my cycle. Tampon and pad, every time. I had never had an accident until I was 21. I was standing at work talking to my manager and felt the first cramp. Next thing I know, she was staring at the front of my pants. I looked down to see what she was looking at and to my horror there was a HUGE bright red splotch growing rapidly across them. I was so embarassed! I had no idea how this happened. I was wearing a tampon and an overnite pad. To make it worse, I lived over an hour away from the office so there was no way to go home and change :-( I wrapped my coat around my waist and went shopping. First I raided the feminine aisle at CVS then I went to the nearest clothing store for a new pair of pants and some clean underwear. One more stop at McD's to clean up and change then back to work. I have worn at least 2 pads ever since then. I also quit wearing tampons and noticed that the flow lightened up some. If you are a girl with a heavy flow, I recommend wearing 2 pads and stay away from tampons. Also, keep an extra pair of pants in your car ;-)
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