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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation
Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

The First Cut is the Deepest

Posted by: coquelicot on Fri May 25, 2007
Probably my most embarrassing period was my first one. It was the third day of 7th grade. I went to school in white shorts, came home, and went to the public library, no problem. That night, as I took off my clothes to take a bath, I noticed that a very large portion of my shorts was no longer white. It was red. I figured out what it was, and my mom confirmed it. My panties were ruined, and it took a lot of stain pre-treater to rehabilitate the shorts. There's no telling how long I went around that day in red-and-white shorts without anyone telling me! That was back when I didn't have a single menstrual cramp, and I hadn't felt a thing. No pain, no dripping, no wetness, nothing. Now I'm thankful that I have that "warning cramp!" Just wish the other cramps would go away... :)
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