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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation
Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

All Over The New Furniture

Posted by: ChrisOffice on Mon Jun 4, 2007
As I've been getting older and older, my periods have become heavier and heavier. Sound familiar? While in my boss's office with brand new furniture, I had no idea that my period was escaping me all over this furniture. When I stood up, I saw the accident. My boss was leaving for lunch. I pushed in the chair, as usual, and had him leave in front of me...made myself conveniently busy until he was gone. Thank goodness for black pants. I retrieved some Fantastik and sprayed his chair. Fortunately, it was made of a material that wasn't quite material so the Fantastik worked well. I made the furniture as good as good gets and drove home 1/2 hr to change. When the gyn told me this was all "normal", my girlfriend said to me...I wonder how "normal" your boss would have thought it was for you to hemmorage all over his new furniture.
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