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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation
Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

Everybody was mad at me...

Posted by: ashlee2107 on Mon Feb 5, 2007
Well I had to be about 13 because I hadn't been menstruating that long but long enough. My cousins and I decided to go to the movies and I was all for it. It was in the summer time and I had this pretty spandex like outfit and it was khaki. Even though I had only been menstrating for about a year I knew that my periods were very heavy. So before I left the house I made sure to change my pad and to put a tampon on (even though I really didn't use them). Well nobody from my party noticed anything and I surely didn't feel anything but as soon as we stood in line to order our tickets somebody tells my cousin to alert me. Well everbody was mad at me because we had to go home and I was just sooooo humiliated that even to this day when I think about it it makes me shiver.
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