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TTC - To Say or Say Not? - While Trying to Conceive, have you found others (even people you barely know) asking prying questions or offering unsolicited advice? Do you think they mean well and just don't think, or are they being meddling and/or on the rude side? Do you respond, ignore it, brew over it all night...?
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Oops I did it again!
I just wanted to say that we had been trying for a long time and everytime we went to my husband's parents house when they didnt know they were always telling us how EVERYONE ELSE is having grandkids and they were never going to be grandparents... it made me so mad that I wanted to stop visiting them because I knew that they would bring it up every time. After we had been trying for 6 months all of a sudden I just didnt have a period. The doctor wasnt being very helpful in the fact that he just wanted to put me on drugs and didnt even mess with trying to figure out if I was pregnant or not. After I had had enough, I decided that maybe I was too stressed out about the whole thing and if i told my parents and my husbands parents maybe they would support me, get off my back, and finally I would be able to know if there was anything in the family history that would help me know what was wrong with me. When we told my husbands mom she was SO excited but my mom was just like.. what do you want me to say? I just wanted to find out if she had trouble conceiving and it was a short "no" so now that im still not pregnant and they know, I just feel it was a waste of breath. I guess I should have never told them, but you know what they say its tough when you learn things the hard way!
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