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Positively Period
Talk menstrual cycle and we talk lots of negatives: period days, cramps, the PMS blues...

But is there anything, or even many things, that you like about your monthly cycles?

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Posted by: lalaith on Tue Mar 6, 2007
I come from a backround when there is a very deffinate split between the genders, in terms of their roles and responsabilities. I was brought up to belive that being a woman is sacred, beautiful, and spiritual, that a mother's love is the closest thing on earth to God's love, that women are inherently closer to the divine, especially through the creation process. So for me, it's a monthly way to get in touch with creation, with my God, and my place in the world as a female.

I spend it praying, and studying the scriptures, talking with friends, dancing, singing, going outside and staring at the moon and stars, and wearing a special "diva" pin, my own personal declaration to the world that "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!"
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