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Menarche Ceremony
Did you have a menarche (first period) ceremony? What was it like? Who was there? What gifts did you get? If you have a daughter, will you (or did you) give her a menarche ceremony?

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Sorta Ceremony

Posted by: katie8080 on Tue Oct 6, 2009

I didn't exactly have a ceremony really, but my mother made sure that we did celebrate it and she made it a very special event. I think the way she made it seem like a happy and blessed thing made it seem less frightening and strange. We spent two whole days together just the two of us, not even really talking about my period. She gently covered all the necessary information and emphasized how normal and natural it all was, even though it was kinda gross and uncomfortable. She gave me everything I needed to take care of myself, a necklace my great-grandfather had made for me, and a few other little gifts.

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