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Positively Period
Talk menstrual cycle and we talk lots of negatives: period days, cramps, the PMS blues...

But is there anything, or even many things, that you like about your monthly cycles?

Great things about moon time!

Posted by: Lilith on Thu Mar 22, 2007
Many times, people pass off irritability as just being a grouchy part of PMS; but what I have found is that once a month my body makes me pay attention to all those little things that annoy me regularly but usually get shoved out of view as unimportant. It's like my body is saying, "Hey! Stop pretending that it doesn't bother you when someone takes a disrespectful tone with you!" or whatever it may be that I'm getting upset about. Since the spotlight is on these issues, I can deal with them constructively instead of letting them fester.

My dreams are also frequently more vivid and prophetic during my moon time, and often they show me interesting things about my inner workings if I pay attention.

The fact that I am more tired during this time is a good excuse to slow down and take better care of myself, something everyone needs to do from time to time.
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