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Could I be pregnant?
Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Late and wondering...

Posted by: NikNac on Mon Mar 22, 2010

I'm sorta in the same boat. MMC says now 6 days late for AF. last AF was feb. 17th and MMC predicted next one to be around Mar 16th. It is not unusual for my AF's to vary a few days early or late (only by two or three tho). Not sure when I o'ed. hubby and i BD'd on March 7th (mmc predicted O to be Mar 2nd or thereabouts),then again this week on the 15th,16th, 18th, and 21st. As far as symptoms, ive had sore/sensitive bb's and nips (normal for two weeks before AF but THIS time, started right before she was due), and noticed in the last week or two have been EXHAUSTED. still wanting to sleep alot. not sure if peeing more, im a frequent pee-er anyway lol. Only other odd things are a craving for Arby's curly fries and mozarella sticks (normally dont care for arby's) and when hubby and i would get sodas from the Big Gulp fountain at 7-11 i eventually went off of them b/c every single soda tasted VERY syrupy to me, like no carbonation, even though hubby said it tasted fine to him lol! That's new to me. Sometimes once or twice a year my cycle resets itself but its never later than about 2-3 days, so dont know what to think and afraid to hope as i'm NEVER this late.Oh and btw, for some reason all this week my sex drive has been CRAZY...wanting it every day and wont leave hubby alone lol. very unlike me. On the other hand, it seems the last few months ive been REALLy randy (but only for a few days then it disappears) on the 15th and 16th of the month lol. Also, ive been very "gassy" after everything i eat and that never happens. Maybe weird cycle and late O? anyone got an opinions/ideas? So afraid of being disappointed again. Trying to wait til at least Friday to see if AF shows or maybe even a week after that, in case i am and hormones need to build to show a +. thanks for any info and responses! baby dust to those TTC!

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