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Could I be pregnant?
Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Are we finally blessed?

Posted by: try4ababy659 on Tue Apr 5, 2016
Hello :) my husband and i have been ttc for 5 months now and i feel like we may have hit the jackpot...but im still not sure,lol. This is a first for the both of us and even though i know what to expect when i find out im a mom im still completely clueless only bc all pregnancies are different and i've never had a kid before. Anyway my last period was march the 12th and my ovu day was on the 27th,im due for my af on the 10th this month.....we have been doing the baby dance every day since i got off of my af and with the feelings i've been getting lately is not normal for me and im not sure what to really think. These past couple of weeks i've been feeling a slight pinching sensation in my uterus along with wanting to pass out at random places and the urge to eat ALOT..i've also got these small goosebump like pimples around my areola's and today my uterus feels a little heavy even after i pee (i dont have a uti,i grew up getting them easily bc of how fragile my bladder is and this feels nothing like a uti,i doesnt hurt at all). Does anyone think this is the real deal though i should wait in a few days to officially find out? i just need some kind of feedback from women outside of facebook and twitter,we are trying to keep it a surprise from all of our loved ones and i need someone to talk to besides my husband,lol.
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