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Could I be pregnant?
Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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what's going on in there?!?!?!

Posted by: mrscouch on Thu Jan 19, 2012

ok so my and my husband have been trying for about 4 years. last yr we both went & had our fertility screenings done all seemed good his motility was a lil bit down. but the dr. didnt seem to worried & said it wasnt enough to really worry about,so this month i really had my hopes up & thought my symptoms seemed strong. but now seems AF is showing up. i have a very normal cycle ever 26 day & Oing 14 days last period was Dec28th & was normal(came on the day that mymonthlycycles said it would & was expecting to O on Jan9th. i think i Oed Jan6th. we BD around both times just to be sure. i took an HPT the evening of CD2(Jan17th) because i was feeling like this was def goin to be the month. it was neg after 3mins so i got in the shower got out & picked the test up to throw it away & happen to look down at it & it had a bold think pink line. i know that you arent suppose to read the results after 10min,20 maybe 25 had gone by.

the next morning(CD22) i stopped on my way to work & picked up 4 more test. i took one as soon as i got to work & it was neg. later i went to potty again when i wiped i saw dark brownish/red blood on the TP. so i put on a pad & thought AF is showing up really early as im not suppose to get AF until Jan23rd no sooner than the 20th if i Oed early. well i got off came home &went to get in the shower & noticed there was only smudges of brown blood on the pad, got out shower put on a nighttime pad & went to sleep woke up this morning(CD23)there was still only smudging on the pad, got dressed for work put on a fresh pad & went to work. its still really light. no longer brown but a funny reddish/orange color & has EWCM mixed in with it! very lil just flow out. normally full flow CD1. so should mark this as my period or just spotting. i have not taken another test again because i dont wanna see another BFN! too many months of being crushed by that ugly one lined demon LOL!!

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