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SAHM or Working Mom?
Did you (or will you) stop working and be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)? Why or why not? Any regrets in your decision, like do you find yourself wanting to go back to work, or in the middle of a meeting do you wish you were home instead? What would you tell other mom-to-bes who are considering being a SAHM - do it or not?

Regrets going back to work after baby

Posted by: momsworkhard on Mon Oct 22, 2018
I returned to work when out y baby girl was 4 months old. First my mother in law took care of her, then when she was 8 months we put her into a small daycare. A piece of my heart broke everytime I dropped her off. When I would pick her up, I would often find out about firsts that I had missed. We are now planning for baby #2, and I so much want to be a Stay at Home Mom for our baby and our now 3 year old until she goes off to school. While we definitely can afford more things because I am working, I can not help but wonder if it will be worth it. For me, I already feel like it is not. But what about when my kids grow up, if it will impact them in ways I do not know. Anyone else feel conflicted about this?
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