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Could I be pregnant?

Are you late or are you in the two-week-wait? Have you taken a pregnancy test? Any signs of pregnancy, or that AF is on the way?

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Posted by: MaybeMom on Aug 18, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Too Early to Call?

Hi everyone,

Can any of you guys tell me if you got mild cramps when your period was due?

I am regular, however lately my period has been anything between 27-31 days, my last period was July 16th, according to the chart on a 31 days, my period was due Monday Aug. 16th. I usually get pretty bad cramps before and during my period. This month I had mild cramps, they went away as of last night, I do feel great, no other symptoms, only a weird taste in my mouth, I can not even describe it. It is kind of not taste, but I can taste my foods.

We are planning to take HPT Saturday Aug 21st in the morning.

If I am pregnant it will be the most awesome thing in our lives. I have always wanted to be a mom, so If I am it will be the first :)

Any advice will be appreciated :)

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Posted by: AliciaD79 on Aug 17, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Late by 10 days

I had the mirena out in February, when my periods began again quite heavy and sometimes irregular. They started to level out, and I had started the pill again shortly after removal of mirena. So ... my last period began on July 14th, and then I started my pack on the 20th, and for whatever reason I started cramping about a week into the pack, and bled out for about 2 days pretty heavy and then it just stopped. So I finished my pack as usual, and normally with the pill I'm right on starting 1-2 days after the last pill, but this time nothing. And its been days now..I'm almost ready to start a new pack. Its frustrating. I do have a HPT that I will use tommorow, because as it stands I'm ten days late. Me and my fiance are very active and are not planning a child but would welcome it into our lives. I am just unsure if this could be the result of the mirena removal still changing up my cycle (thus the bleeding a week into cycle) or the bleeding was implatation? I guess we shall see in the morning... will keep you posted... thanks for any guesses/input you can give! I'm not really hoping to be pregnant at this time but I will still welcome the baby with open arms!

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Posted by: BrittanyAmber on Aug 17, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

10 days late and going crazy :o/

I am 10 days late for my period. I took 2 tests on day 6 and 7 after missed period and both in the morning, they were negative.

Now I have a son that when I was pregnant with, I took seven pregnancy tests and they were all negative. As soon as I went to the clinic, it was positive. That was 3 years ago.

I have the typical pregnancy symptoms but I don't understand why the tests were negative. I made a doctors appointment for Wednesday and I'm hoping they can tell me what I want to hear. :o)

Here's a little background...My LMP was July 11th. I spotted on the 25th of July. My period was due on August 7th. Still no sigh of my period.

What do you think?

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Posted by: Welly1981 on Aug 13, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

Can a possitive line on a HPT disappear??

I did a clearblue test this moring and got a very very faint line!!!! I know that any sort of a line is a positive but ive looked again nearly 12 hours later and the line has gone??? Can a line disappear?? Has anyone else found this??? Please help me out!!!!


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Posted by: Davis23 on Aug 11, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

implantation Bleeding?

We lot a little boy in April. I have had three cycles and was told I could start trying. Well I was due to get my period 8-10-10 but I started bleeding 8-8-10 and it stopped after a day. I have been reading about this and some say it could of been implantation bleeding. I have never had implantation bleeding with my previous pregnancies. Should I take a test or is it too soon?

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Posted by: pinkmonster on Aug 8, 2010
Could I be pregnant?

I am 9 days late! Please help :)

I am usually irregular, but over the last 6 months or so I have been pretty regular. My last cycle was around June 28-30 (I can't remember exactly). I have taken 3 tests and they were all negative. I had spotting around July 25 and a little pink 2 days ago. The first test I took was July 26, the second what August 1, and the third was August 3. I am unsure of why I am so late if the tests keep being negative! Please help if you have any suggestions. BTW, I have two children already, but each pregnancy was so different.

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