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Menstrual Cramp Solutions

What's your solution for menstrual cramps?

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Posted by: Tracylynn on May 14, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Not the usual remedy!

This may sound weird to some, but I accidentally found relief for my cramps. The severity of my cramps vary month to month, and some months I just wanted to lie in bed curled into a ball. One morning as I was in agony, I remember a prescription for flexril I had from a back injury. Well, as a nurse, I got to thinking, if it works on my back muscles, why not my uterine muscles? So I tried one 10mg tablet. Holy cow, I was pain free in about 45 minutes! Now I keep them on hand for those bad months!

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Posted by: Twinmama on May 14, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Re: nothing helps

I can totally relate to rachael...NOTHING helps! The day I start my period it feels like actual labor pains. I have vicodin but it doesn't help my pain because it is so intense. The only thing the painkillers do is make me loopy and I can't do that staying at home with my 2 little girls. The only thing that I have found that helps is to be on a continuous birth control pill to completely take away my period so I do not get the cramping. My Dr. said it was ok for my body so I tried it and it was wonderful! No pains. But since we would like to try for one more baby I am back to getting periods and horrible pains once a month.

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Posted by: misst2007 on May 11, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

menstrual cramps

times ago i used to take aspirin,but i heard that aspirin is not good especialy if am trying to conceive so from there i dont use any medicine.

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Posted by: MissLaNike on May 10, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Nothing worth having's gonna be easy...

It may seem like a lot of work, but honestly, being mindful of what I eat, as well as drinking more water than usual during the week or so leading up to my start date definitely helps and also determines the way that my period "flows". Also, as I've recently been trying to lose weight and get into shape and have been exercising, I have noticed a significant difference in the amount of bloating, malaise and general discomfort, as well as TOTALLY alleviated the insomnia that began to become a regular guest at my "visitor's" monthly party, too.

When I have felt less adventurous, though, I have used Pamprin and Midol with great success. :-)

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Posted by: rachael on May 10, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

nothing helps

I suffer every month w/ menstrual cramps. They feel like labor pains (contractions). There is no relief not even a heating pad. an epidoral would work but since I'm not prego. Guess I have to suffer....

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Posted by: MaryLulu on May 7, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

No Solution

For me there is NO solution, just suffer in silence...... I do tend to curl up with a heating pad, to try to get a bit more comfy, for me no meds really do the trick, Advil or Motrin sometimes take the Edge off, but never any complete relief for the first three days.

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