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Positively Period

Talk menstrual cycle and we talk lots of negatives: period days, cramps, the PMS blues...

But is there anything, or even many things, that you like about your monthly cycles?

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Posted by: mokee on Oct 4, 2007
Positively Period

The world couldn't live without it...

I hear women complain all the time about their periods, and some do have serious problems, but come on ladies women have been having a monthly cycle since the dawn of time-get over it. I think most of us make a bigger deal of food cravings and cramps then we need to. Stress can make PMS symptoms worse too.
We should be amazed that our bodies can undertake such a stressful and complex cycle every month.
Even if you don't enjoy parts of your cycle, we should see it as a reminder that we need to take care of our bodies, which are amazing machines. (corny but true!)

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Posted by: osa on Aug 7, 2007
Positively Period

Connection with other women

I love the way it binds me to other women. And it goes way beyond borrowing or sharing a tampon in the ladies room. All of us share PMS, cramps, cravings, bloating and bleeding. It's part of life and it's an essential part of our biology. Our shared discomfort creates an instant affinity between another woman and me. And so, in a very basic biological sense, a woman whom I have just met can understand me better and empathize with me more than even my husband of twenty years.

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Posted by: beckie76 on Jun 24, 2007
Positively Period

Mysterious woman!

It's what makes women unique. I love that it is mysterious to men.

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Posted by: kimmyrte on Jun 5, 2007
Positively Period

More positive than negative

Have to agree with Lilith. My husband just yesterday said that I was pissy because of PMS hormones and that he knew I didn't like it when I pointed tht out. I told him, I know that hormones play some part, but it isn't like the five crazy screaming kids and the heat and his lack of sensitivity wouldn't piss me off even if I wasn't hormonal. He agreed.

That said, I feel more powerful and earthy at Moon Time. I feel sexy. Once the PMS is over (and like I said, I stand up for myself during that week before a lot more effectively)my face clears up and I see myself start to glow. I guess that might be contradictory. Bleeding and strength? Purging and glowing? Maybe it is just me,my imagination, but I feel such a connection with the world. I know my magic is stronger.

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Posted by: annred5 on May 24, 2007
Positively Period


I like my period for one good thing. I'm not pregnant....

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Posted by: lab_lover on May 22, 2007
Positively Period

Is there anything positive about your period

I like knowing my body is working properly.

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