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First Period Experience
Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?

Valentine's Day

Posted by: deviant85 on Fri Feb 10, 2012
I was 11 years old when I got my first period. It started on Valentines day of 97' which was a Friday, and I was home sick that day so I didn't get to enjoy my Valentines day party that year at school. I remember waking up and walking to the bathroom and when I sat down I noticed I had blood in my underwear. I was waiting to faint, but I never did. I had already had the talk with my Mom who explained everything, and I had seen the video at school that taught us about all that good stuff too. So I grabbed a pad which for some reason my Mom had the thicker ones on had at the time and I put it on. My mother did not find out about me starting until she found my underwear in the laundry. She then realized that's why I had been so quite the past few days. I don't know why, but I was quite the first few periods. Mom's reaction to me starting was why didn't you tell me? She was proud that I started though and she told me she wasn't going to be like her Mom and tell everyone in the world about it. We did then go out to the store and get some thin pads with wings and she told me they were much more comfortable then the ones I had on and to this day that's all I will use. I didn't wanna go back to school that Monday because I didn't want to take pads and have everyone know, so my Mom also showed me a trick to hide pads instead of sticking them in your back pocket. It made things a lot easier. I had a pretty okay first period, but I also had a really awesome Mom who talked to me about everything. I'll never forget Valentine's Day because it's gonna always be the anniversary of my first period.
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