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First Period Experience
Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?

Started at 10...

Posted by: Arina on Mon Feb 13, 2012
My period started in the middle of the night. Because I was half asleep, and knew what a period was, I wasn't scared. I just went and got my mum. She never gives emotional support for anything, so I didn't get any then, but she told me how to use pads and helped me clean up.

I still laugh at my naivete, though. That morning in school there had been a difficult maths test, and just afterwards, my first period cramps had started. I assumed that the mental effort had given me back aches! It wasn't an unreasonable leap, but still funny!

I wish there had been more sanitary bins in the school toilets (even though I now use reusable protection). It was horrible to have to wait to use the ones which had bins when other cubicles were free. I hated so much being marked out as different. In my head I was still a little girl like all the others. But this was the last year of primary school, I was the first to start, and only one other girl needed them by the end of the year.
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