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Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

Ever had a really embarrassing period experience? Did you tell anyone? What advice could you give others so it doesn't happen to them?

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Posted by: kar4 on Jun 9, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

Did the Eye Doctor See?

I was a ophthalmologist's assistant and we were working late to finish up seeing all of the patients at one of our satellite offices where the doc and I were the only staffers. I came out from having assisted the doc in preparing for the final patient. When I walked around my desk she noticed the giant red stain on the back of my once all-white uniform skirt.

I think I'd had a tampon in, but didn't realize how late it was getting and had forgotten to check. I didn't feel a thing! (As a matter of fact, usually when I have a sensation that makes me feel like I'm flooding, it turns out to be nothing.)

Once he called the patient back into the exam room, I went into the thankfully en suite ladies' room and did the best clean-up possible and scurried back to my desk.

After the woman left, it was very awkward as I tried to do our usual closing up procedure while keeping my back away from the doc! I'm sure he noticed that something "suspicious" was going on, and who knows what he imagined. I wish I'd just come out and told him the problem. He was a gentleman (not to mention a doctor) and would have understood, I think. Unfortunately, I just felt it was my shameful secret.

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Posted by: jq on Jun 8, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

my 1st & most embarassing period

i've never spoken about this incident becuase it caused me so much embarassment. i was 9 or 10 yrs, almost end of primary school. so as usual we had a drama, quiz games and all other end of terms programmes going on. i went and sat in on the quiz program with over 100 students. suddenly i felt something wasn't right. went to the loo and saw blood stains in my underwear. having had older females in my house i knew what it was but didn't know what to do. in fact i was afraid to ask any teacher or anyone, so did what first came to mind.
i tucked in the back of shirt! bad move! actually the worst thing i could've done! but i didn't know this. no one had prepared me for this. suddenly my whole day went wrong i was sad and worried because i had realised my mistake in helping stain my skirt. too afraid to get up my entire being was focused on this problem out of nowhere. in the end i put my bag behind me,asked my friend to walk behing me to the pick up point where i stood with my back to the wall, & waited for my mum. the more embrassing part was some of the boys had seen or heard and were snickering about it. some even tried to get me off the wall it was very humiliating! i have never been so embarassed in my whole life!!

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Posted by: ChrisOffice on Jun 4, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

All Over The New Furniture

As I've been getting older and older, my periods have become heavier and heavier. Sound familiar? While in my boss's office with brand new furniture, I had no idea that my period was escaping me all over this furniture. When I stood up, I saw the accident. My boss was leaving for lunch. I pushed in the chair, as usual, and had him leave in front of me...made myself conveniently busy until he was gone. Thank goodness for black pants. I retrieved some Fantastik and sprayed his chair. Fortunately, it was made of a material that wasn't quite material so the Fantastik worked well. I made the furniture as good as good gets and drove home 1/2 hr to change. When the gyn told me this was all "normal", my girlfriend said to me...I wonder how "normal" your boss would have thought it was for you to hemmorage all over his new furniture.

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Posted by: vk on Jun 3, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

The joys of shopping for sanitary protection

A few weeks ago, I was out grocery shopping with my three year old son. When I put a package of sanitary pads in the cart, my son asked what they were. I simply said that they were for mommy.

When we got to the checkout, my son was helping to put the groceries on the counter. All of a sudden, he holds up the pads and announces that "these are for mommy, I am a big boy so I don?t wear diapers anymore." Of course there had to be a line up and a male cashier.

I have never been so embarrassed purchasing pads in my life.

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Posted by: VickiWO on Jun 3, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

Why did I have to wear WHITE?!?

As I am sure you can guess my first and by far most embarrassing period was in the 6th grade. I was wearing my white jeans. I had not had even the first cramp and was sitting in the lunchroom when one of the "mean and nasty" boys announced to everyone that I "sprung a leak" and started laughing. After I threw my lunch tray at him I ran to the nurse?s office in tears. And just to add insult to injury the VP was going to give me detention for throwing my tray until the nurse talked him out of it. I never did wear those jeans again.

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Posted by: rdwhitenblu on Jun 1, 2007
Embarrasing Menstrual Situation

mean teachers dont understand!

I will never forget one of THE most embarraasing moments in my life. I was sitting in my english class when suddenly i felt IT! we all know that feeling, and the thought that runs through your head when you realize that you weren't perpared whatsoever! I slid to the side of my chair to find the whole seat red! My friend helped my sneak off to the bathroom without anyone noticing as she covered the seat with a book. When i returned the teacher waved me to the back of the class and said "you gonna need to clear that off" so there i was cleaning off the chair in the middle of my class, it was obvious what had happened. From that day on i could never face any of the people in my class, (i also never disliked a teacher so much!)

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