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Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Which PMS symptoms do you get? Are your symptoms tolerable or really disruptive? How do you deal with PMS, and what, if anything, helps you the most?

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Posted by: dicksy on Nov 28, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Depressed mood.

The most annoying are the mood swings. I am 27 years old, and i find my PMS gets worse every month: the depressed mood lasts for a few days, and it's hard to deal with.

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Posted by: Sunshine85 on Nov 10, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Good ol' pms

It seems like for an entire week before my period I have PMS from hell. I start getting irratated easily and I get to a point that I just want to explode on anyone who slightly rubs me the wrong way. My fiance finds it especially hard. He tells me it's so hard to talk to me when I am PMSing. I hate the fact that each month a get to the point where my fiance doesn't even want to be around me because I have such a horrible attitude and get pissed about the smallest things. The worst part is I don't mean to, and sometimes I don't even realize how upsetting and depressing my attitude can be. Alot of the time I honestly feel the like is nothing I can do and it's almost depressing. The only thing that I have found to really work for me is SLEEP or relaxing. So that's the conclusion of my pms symtoms...I'm sure many other people understand where I'm coming form.

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Posted by: Hatethistimeofthemonth on Oct 18, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Is PMS ruling me?

I've always had a pretty normal period , but since the birth of my last child 4 years ago, and a tubal ligation, my PMS is ruining my life. Or so I feel whenever I'm in PMS mode.

2 full weeks before my period starts. I notice I am less tolerable of situations, sometimes I get severe exhaustion, and alot of depression and crying or severe anger and dislike of people. I even went to see a therapist thinking I was going through something more but like I told him- I only feel this way when I'm about to get my period.

My fiance has learned to keep away from me when I am feeling like this , and I have alot of anger and extreme tension in my shoulders and the back of my neck. Mood swings like crazy, to the point where I can't stand myself, but once Aunt Flo begins, I am a totally different person and back to my normal self. I go back to my normal self once again, but it's gotten to the point that my period has really really affected my life from crying stages, to anger, to sarcastic, to uninterested and annoyed, all in a matter of days.

I hate feeling like this. it's terrible.

I take hot showers, directly on my back, i lay down because it's almost as if i cannot function at all , and then sometimes a lil bit of acne (yes acne) and nothing more. Not every month is the same but some months are pretty severe in mood changes. I don't want to lose my relationship over something I cannot control and believe me I try to control it. But he is definetely understanding,even offering me massages to try and calm down my severe tension.

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Posted by: whataday on Oct 7, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

My Thoughts on the Meanies

My symptoms are mostly all emotional except my sleep is interrupted a lot during PMS, and I get hot flushes for about a half-hour in the middle of the day.

I get very irritable, cranky, and snappish with people, so I try to avoid making big decisions during this time. Not good when you are running a business but it is what it is. I take a LOT of deep breaths so as not to chop heads.

For me, I take 75mg of Effexor XR, about 1000 mg of Calcium along with 200 mg of Magnesium and Omega 3/6/9 (double the dose).

I try to do yoga or stretch band stuff, but usually say "forget this" and end up on my favorite chair with my feet plopped up on the ottoman and stare at the TV until bedtime.

My husband, wisely, retreats to "his room" (the den).

I find that telling myself (this is ALL HORMONES and then doing three rounds of slow, deep breathing or taking a walk helps a lot - but only for a while). I can't imagine I'm going to have to continue to live with this until menopause, which could be a good 15 years away.

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Posted by: moondoll on Sep 4, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS... blah.

It's only been within the past few months that I've noticed an emerging pattern in my moods around the time my period is about to start. Some emotional responses I have to PMS are: temporary uncharacteristic irritability, depression, sadness, increased interest in sex, and a distorted body image. The only physical symptoms I get are bloating and an increase in appetite.

I know that there are studies out there pointing to low serotonin levels in the brain being a major cause in PMS symptoms. There are medications out there to help, but I'm not a fan of taking drugs. I know that exercise helps. I'm sure there are other natural remedies to lessen the symptoms of PMS... but I just keep trying to tell myself this: "I am in control of my body. I will not let the symptoms control me." So, first recognize your symptoms. Then, keep thinking positively and speaking words into your life. Mind over matter!!! You never know...

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Posted by: shaynab on Jul 17, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Lexapro and Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo

I just started on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and Lexapro for my PMS and period week. Of course I take both everyday even when I'm not suffering through those weeks. Hopefully the combination of the two help. My symptoms: cramps, backaches, IBS, migraines, crying alot, whiney, unsatisfiable, moody, and the list goes on...

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