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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: mommyfirst on Aug 17, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

I just want one more!!!

My first child was concieved with help from infertility meds. We tried for almost two yaers before she was concieved. My son on the other hand.... He was concieved with no help, while my baby girl was only six months old. Let's just say Matthew was not planned, but we are happy to have him.

My problem is it's been another year and a half trying again to have another bundle of joy. I don't get it, like alot of other ladies trying, I am surrounded by prego ladies and half didn't even try. I've been on the Clomd again and I'm on my third cycle now. The first time it only took one month, so I thought that would happen again. My periods are right on, this time it was eight days late and I felt prego. I'm sure it was a side effect of the Clomid but boy my heart sank when my period came.

It is so hard to be at work surrounded by babies every day and Know that in my heart I just want one more. I have two wonderful children that I love more then anything, and I know that I am blessed. Why do I feel so incomplete? I just want one more!!!

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Posted by: cel on Aug 16, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

I know what you're feeling!!

My husband and I have been trying since April as well, and now it feels like a chore to make love on my ovulation days!! It seems so different now that we're a little son is six years old and it was a piece of cake to conceive him. I'm beginning to worry if we also have some sort of fertility problem. I understand that patience is key, but this is ridiculous!!

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Posted by: jackieliz on Aug 14, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Trying to conceive and starting to worry

Wow, I have a lot in common with so many of you! I stopped my birth control in February and thought that I (like so many of my friends) would be pregnant in two or three months. It's now August and I'm starting to worry/wonder. I know we haven't been at it for as long as many other couples, and that sometimes it takes a while to concieve; but I'm really getting nervous. What if we can never have children (neither of us have any)? What if one of us has a fertility problem? I'm trying to relax and "let nature take its course", but damnit nature is sure slow! Has anyone had experience/success with herbal fertility treatments/accupuncture?

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Posted by: Marcelia on Aug 14, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

New to TTC

I'm 22 years old, and married to a wonderful man for 2+ years now, and though it doesn't seem that old, I'm well beyond any person my own age. I grew up fast, and have over come a lot of obstacles. I didn't realize that TTC would be such an obstacle. We have been TTC since the first week in May. I thought once we decided to try that it would just happen. You see all those pregnant teens and young women around who aren't actively trying, who end up pregnant, and you just think that the first or second or even third time will be the charm. Then you decided to take the plunge, to make a life changing decision and it's more difficult then ever imagined.

What's worse is I don't have anyone really to confide in. My husband wants to keep it private so to talk to friends and family would be to go against his wishes. And, lets face it men just don't seem to understand the female frustrations. To top everything off his mom, likes to keep pushing, "when are you going to have a baby" "I need a grand-baby!"

It's all so frustrating.

I am not aware of any medical history to keep us from conceiving. I didn't come from a good family, so getting history is out of the question. The only thing my gyno told me was that I had an inverted uterus and when I asked if it would cause difficulties she said no. We recently moved to MS...well maybe not so recent. It was the last week in March. And since the move my periods haven't been right at all! And I am so regular you can use me as a stop watch. I wasn't even this irregular when I first started my cycle. It's just aggravating, being told nothing is wrong, and yet your body is all out of whack.

If anyone can relate, please share your story~

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Posted by: loulou2 on Aug 14, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Heart, head and body not agreeing

Hi,I'm 30. We tried for over a year amidst some really stressful times (not ideal but you know how it is when you feel time is running out) and a blood test mid way through showed I had a high Prolactin level.

We've now come to terms with the fact that if it's meant to be it will just happen, but have thrown ourselves into major projects in the meantime so we're not on hold, and can contribute to the world without being so wrapped up in one goal that might never happen. I feel like crying many times a month; I work in a shop and I see so many pregnant women and new mums, and having a child with my partner feels like the only thing that would fit right. It makes no logical sense as I have so many other things I've been working on and want to achieve, but this want comes from another place entirely.

I think the more spiritual fertility experts are right when they say if you have any doubts or ambivalence then it can hold you back. I may feel like it's all I want in my heart, but my head's maybe not there yet. I hope I can get there soon.

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Posted by: mikesmom on Aug 14, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

TTC for a year now

I can totally relate. We have been TTC#2 for a year now and it seems like all of my girlfriend and some of my family have gotten pregnant and delivered since we started trying! We made the decision not to tell everyone we were trying because we didn't want the questions all of the time, but we did end up telling our mothers and they do ask about it every chance the get! It only took about 4 months to conceive our son and I thought the 2nd time would be a breeze. Our son will be 5 next month so now I am starting to worry about the age gap. But I guess we will continue on with the ovulation charts and all of that good stuff. But I am the samy way, I am tired of hearing "relax and it will happen!"

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