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Conception Frustrations?

If you're trying to conceive and it's taking longer than you had hoped, what frustrations are you running into? Is it that just about everyone around you seems to be pregnant? Or, something someone said? Or, is you-know-who (your mom, his mom...) pressuring you or asking when way too often? Does it sometimes feel like TTC is more like Trying to Cope?

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Posted by: faithinGod on Jun 11, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Trying to patiently wait...

I completely agree with everyone here...For years I have wanted to get my career going and that was most important to me at the time. Now, my husband and I have started trying and we are going on 8 months of ttc. I always thought it would happen quickly for me for some reason and didn't want to be in the same boat as everyone who seemed to be consumed by not getting pregnant and now I am that person. Over the last few months, I have friends who are pregnant, cousins, friends friends, etc. It seems like every week I am finding out someone is pregnant! This month everything finally hit me when I got AF and thought I may have been pregnant. I just broke down...I am tired of having to take the OPKs, BBTs, accupuncture, yoga, etc.

All I can say for those of you as frustrated as I am is to try to hang in there. I have to tell myself that too. I am going to try some things a little differently this time trying to let it go and wait on God. Although it seems as if it will never happen, it will happen in time and that is all I have to hang on to.

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Posted by: ceamonroy on Jun 7, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

When will it come true????

Its every where!!!! I have been trying for over a year now and its so tiring but We just keep trying!!!! Then last month we had a early miscarriage! I was heart broken but it didnt put me down as much as some it just made me want to try more.. perhaps denial in a way! I have found my self getting tired of taking my temps and doing the saliva every day and also various testing too! for the past month Ive gone once a week to get blood drawn... Im tired but cant give up...... maybe somethings wrong with me! Ive had the dye in the tubes thing done, done all my hormones too just dont get it....

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Posted by: brittany on Jun 6, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

baby wanted!!

Trying is fun, but its almost got to the point that we will only try when ever i know that i'm ovulating so it's like work. My husband and i got married July 2006 - i first got pregnant oct 2006, only to find out at 10 weeks i had miscarried, we have not been doing anything to protect, and we know that you should wait 3 - 6 months, we handled it as if it happens it happens, it's been been 6 months almost now and still nothing, i continue to track and keep record of my periods to better perdict ovualation, i'm just really frustrated, my husband is a 8 years older than i am and i just want him to enjoy his kids, and not be 60 when they graduated high school, so its a hurry up and wait process, i wish i could just pin point my ovulation to the T!

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Posted by: jjj on Jun 5, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Husband also had vasectomy

My husband also had a vasectomy before we were married and we couldn't afford to have it reversed until last year. He was told exactly the same, that because his sperm had nowhere to go that it had damaged it and that hopefully the quality would improve. That was over a year ago and i'm still not pregnant. My best friend is pregnant, my sister has a beautiful baby and 3 more people at church have just recently had babies. Aggghhhh! I don't mind them getting pregnant, in fact i am happy for them, really i am, what winds me up is when people constantly ask 'well when are you having one then?' I feel like hitting them.

I also help out at a few parent and toddler groups at church, and so many of them are so obviously unwanted children, now THAT makes me mad.

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Posted by: akaethel on Jun 4, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

i understand you completly

well it took my about a year of trying before finally getting pregnant with my daughter. that was back in 2000. well when she turned 1 we thought it was time to start trying for a second child to complete our family. well almost 6 years later still no baby. this is very frustrating. i never took the pill or any other protection. Everyone around me was having babies or asking me about my plans for another child. hurtful to say we are trying but not succeeding.

well things are MAYBE looking up because i am now 4 days late and while this maybe jinxing it a little i am praying that i am pregnant finally. My daughter will be 7 in july. Big age gap but wanted desperatly.

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Posted by: VickiWO on Jun 3, 2007
Conception Frustrations?

Depo Dilemma

This hits right to home for me. I got pregnant for my now 4 year old daughter while on the pill 11 days before my wedding. I thought I was late because of the stress of the wedding so I took a fresh pack of pads on my honeymoon. Needless to say I didn?t need them for almost a year from then. After having my daughter I discussed with my OB/Gyn other birth control options since I was not real comfortable with trusting the pill again. I went on Depo and loved it.

Then we decided that we wanted to have a second baby and my last shot was November 2005 so in theory but soooo not likely I could have gotten pregnant Feb 2006. After the return of regular periods in May-June 2006, and I?ve been regular (+/- 1 day) ever since, I thought ok here comes the baby. My hopes got so high and I would pregnancy test at being that 1 day late only to have it come up negative and then start my period later that day.

I know that it can take up to a year for fertility to return with Depo, but I know 3 people personally who it didn?t. 1 got pregnant 7 months after her last shot, another 5 months, and the most frustrating for me is 1 who had her last shot 1 month after mine and we were talking about how fun it would be for us to be pregnant together and she is due next month.

I just want to have a baby and my daughter has been saying that she wants a baby brother and a baby sister. It just makes me want to cry some times when you see these people that shouldn?t have kids and they have 4 or 5 and just want to give my daughter the sibling she so wants so our family can be complete.

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