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You, TTC, and Your Partner

Your Trying to Conceive partner is, of course, there physically. Is he also emotionally supportive, especially if you get a BFN when you hoped this would be the month? Is he open to on-going TTC related talk when you want/need it?

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Posted by: lungsaver on May 14, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Getting started

Ok, so we've been married almost a year, not long, I know, but we want to find out if we're able to conceive at all. We haven't been preventing anything for almost a year and a half. On my side my sisters have had difficulty getting preggo and there are really no men to compare to on his side, the women function fine. So, do we start with me visiting a Gyno to figure out my part and then drag him in on it?????

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Posted by: leannegarner on May 12, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

My Story and How do I tell him

I first got pregnant in December 2007 but didn't know I was until January 2008 only to find out I was having an Ectopic Pregnancy.
So I had my left Falopean Tube removed.

I then got pregnant in June of the same year. Me and my husband were so excited wondering about how our lifes will be after the baby was born. At almost 11 weeks pregnant i started bleeding.
I rang NHS Direct to get advice, they rang an ambulance for me and kept me calm while I was waiting. The following day I was told I was miscarrying and I burst into tears I felt I was going to die from the pain. The next day I was given an ultrasound to confirm the miscarraige. I was discharged later the next day.

Now I want to TTC again. My husband is fussy about it though.
1 minute he wants to TTC and the next he doesnt.
He promised we could TTC in April but has gone back of his word, leaving me feeling crushed and depressed.
I know I shouldn't really get this upset but I feel that my life is not complete until I have my baby.

I can't find the words to tell my husband that I desperately need to TTC now and as I write this I can feel myself welling up just wanting to cry.

Please can anyone give me some advice on how I can tell him without sounding like I'm telling him what to do.

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Posted by: 613247 on May 6, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

I've tested my ovulation.... What's next?

So I had the blood test to see if I am ovulating accordingly and I am. What is next? Must hubby have his tadpoles tested??

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Posted by: livandnoahsmom on Apr 17, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

TTC for #3

Yes and no. He's supportive but I was very anxious during our first two pregnancies so he just wants me to relax with the ttc experience this time.

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Posted by: jacks1025 on Mar 29, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Cheer up

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since November and he has been so great. When I first went off BC I was (and still can be) an emotional roller wreck. I could cry just sitting in a room or get mad for no reason.

The first month we were trying and AF arrived I decided that i wanted chocolate cake (i get craving when she comes so pregnancy should be no different) he went right to the store and picked me up one. Now it has become a tradition to get a cake every time AF arrives. It is also a great was to let him know I may not be myself. I am not sure why but this silly little tradition seems to have kept us sane on our little journey. I hope this is the month I don't need to buy a cake.

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Posted by: fingerscrossed1 on Mar 27, 2009
You, TTC, and Your Partner

Miscarriage, Mentally scared husband & Frustrated wife TTC!

Last year i got pregnant the first month we tried but unfortunately when we went for the twelve week scan in July we found out i had a silent miscarriage at about 9 weeks. My husband saw me in a lot of pain and it really effected him. Since then we have been TTC but no luck!

Unfortunately i have the added frustration of my husband wanting to try one month and then not the next. Its not because he doesn't want a baby, he's just scared of losing another.

Since my miscarriage my sister has had a baby girl, my husband's cousin was who is 17 was due 2 days after me and has had a baby girl, 3 friends have had babies, my best friend is now 5 months pregnant and there are loads of others that i know that are pregnant and i find that wherever you look theres someone pregnant - even on corrie!

Also since my miscarriage my periods that used to be like clockwork have now started to vary from 25 to 32 days - is this due to stress????

Please can anyone give me advice on how to help my husband? He says he doesn't want to pressured into loads of sex just because its the right time but then get frustrated if it happens once but then i don't get pregnant! I've also noticed that ive started to have mood swings due to the frustration of TTC which probably won't help!

When i have talked to friends, they say that i need to give my husband time, think of his feelings becuase he was really hurt by the miscarriage - but what about my feelings, frustrations and needs?

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