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Men, Meet Menstruation!
Clearly many of us feel the same way: If the guys don't get it, they can't possibly get menstruation (Male Period Comprehension Poll)!

So, ladies , let's help men understand our monthly cycles a little better. What can you say to help men get it, even if a little bit? And, who knows? Maybe it'll lead to 1 less PMS/period joke told today?

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Do you have kids???

Posted by: fallerina on Wed Jun 11, 2008

Period pain is classed as being at least class 2 labour pain. Think about that the next time you make a period 'joke'. Could you go to work, deal with customers and colleagues etc as if nothing was wrong while in this amount of pain? For a solid week? Thought not. This requires a massive amount of mental 'training' and practice, and the comments of men are not helpful, simply wearing this down. And the pain and illness are merely the tip of the iceberg. In a nutshell, you wouldn't think of making jokes about cancer in front of a terminally ill cancer patient who was in agony, so don't make period jokes. It's not the same thing.... it's much much worse. (Oh yes it is, roughly 40 years of agony)

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