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Men, Meet Menstruation!
Clearly many of us feel the same way: If the guys don't get it, they can't possibly get menstruation (Male Period Comprehension Poll)!

So, ladies , let's help men understand our monthly cycles a little better. What can you say to help men get it, even if a little bit? And, who knows? Maybe it'll lead to 1 less PMS/period joke told today?

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Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood...for all my YaYa's!!

Posted by: PatientFire on Tue Apr 7, 2009

I read (and have told my husband) about SRS, Sperm Reduction Syndrome. It's a period in a man's cycle when his body produces less sperm and tinkers with his moods. Sometimes, he notices that he can't fully get a grip on his mood (a little depressed, sluggish, 'blah', and feels unattractive). He just doesn't feel like going anywhere, doing anything and just can't seem to find anything to wear that doesn't make him look 'fat'! (I'm serious...this really happens about every 2 months as a cycle for him!) When I notice him acting this way, I give him a big hug, and say, "Oh, I'm sorry honey...are you having your man-period? What do you feel like eating? Ice cream, homemade cookies, brownies or McDonald's?" And I cater to his 'craving' and tell him to take it's okay to feel 'blah' and have a slow paced day.

Another thing I did, I told him I'm going to take him down to the blood bank and have him donate blood for 3 days in a row, give him pills to create alternating constipation and diahreah, make him tweak his back so that hurts, too, fill him full of water so he just feels 'puffy' and bloated, rub his face with oil so he'll break out, shrink all his clothes and make his 'chest' swell and hurt with every bumpy car ride and trek up the stairs, and make him drive behind slow people and hit every red light when he's already late to an appointment (just to give him a taste of the irritations and 'mood' I am in)...and then make him crave brownies..even though he's on a diet. And then I'll tell him in complete stupor, "Is it really that big of a deal..I think you're just making an excuse to lay in bed all day...I see women all the time, they don't seem to go through this."

...pass the brownies now, please! I love my husband...but he just can't know. Every 32 days though, I tell him, "JUST once...I'd like to switch places with you so you will know...."!!!

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