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First Period Experience
Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?

my first period

Posted by: raylilysmom on Sun Jan 3, 2010
I was 12 when i first started my period. i just came home to use the bathroom from being outside with my friend. I saw blood and i knew what it was. I told my friend and she told me i needed to tell my mom. My mom was sitting in the dining room on the phone and i was laughing. She asked me what was wrong and i told her i would tell her later and she goes no tell me now. So i whispered in her ear "i have my period" she quickly got off the phone and she was freakin out, but in a good way. hahha. Now my mom only used tampons so when i went to the bathroom i had to pile on the panty liners. After the whole incident i went for a bike ride to the library. When i got to the library i went to the bathroom and took off the panty liners. I didnt know that you are supposed to keep them on. I went to use the computer and needless to say a mess. So i had to leave and go home. Thats when i was really embarrased.
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