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First Period Experience
Where were you when your first period started? How old were you? Did you talk to your mom, friends? What was your initial reaction? Retrospectively, could it have been different or more positive experience, and, if so, how?

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Mono, oh no!

Posted by: antimaterialgurl on Sun Sep 12, 2010

I was 12 when I first got my period. Oh, how exciting, right? Just like a million other girls. But there is quite the catch...I got my first period when I was, not just a mere cold, cough...not even the flu, but mono. The worst sickness possible to the human kind that does not (always) require hospital time. It's like the flu x strep throat. At first though, I had no idea. My parents had been gone on a business trip in West Virginia, while I was stuck at home with my grandparents and younger brother...see why I thank God I didn't start until after my parents got home? My cousin spent the night that Monday, and the next day (since it was right after easter) we had some easter eggs still in the fridge. Well, my cousin, being her obnoxious self, dared me to take on of the eggs and swallow the yolk whole, no chewing allowed. Me, being my stupid 12 year old self, agreed. The only reason I mention it is because now we joke about how me swallowing that egg got my "eggs" moving since I got my period that week! my parents got home Saturday night and I told my mom i was sick. That night, I went to the bathroom around 4 AM after hardly sleeping at all with the awful fever I had...and discovered the "menstrual" truth. I knew what was going on, but was peeved about it. Yeah yeah, I know some girls get all happy about "becoming a woman," but I hated the inconvienience of bleeding. Luckily, I didn't get cramps until I was around 14, and still experience them now...but not that I'm happy about them lol! So of course, I walked down to my parents room and thankfully was able to only wake up my mom. She got really happy after I said "I think I got my period," in a half asleep voice. But, even being in my sleep-induced state, I told her one thing: "Mom, you better not tell anyone. Not your friends, no one in the family, nothing." To this day, I don't know if she did or not.

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