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Menstrual Cramp Solutions

What's your solution for menstrual cramps?

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Posted by: eclipce143 on Apr 21, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Menstrual Cramp Help

I def reccomend Midol, life saver I tell you, a warm bath also works, and a heated towel put on your lower back works too!

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Posted by: java0831 on Apr 19, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Heat wraps and ibprofin...a girl's best friend

Because I use the IUD for BC, my cramps are more painful than they used to be. I take 800mg of ibprofin and I LOVE the portable heating wraps. They are pricey, but now that I have tried them, I don't go a period without them. (Admittedly, I seem to have more "pain" during the winter months! :)

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Posted by: theicecreamcraver on Apr 19, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Don't let it take over your life, control cramps

Well, for the first 3 days of my period it's agony and pain. It feels like someone's constantly squeezing my uterus, my back and knee aches. to get rid of the pain, during the day, i chew gum to ease my mind and to get my stomach digesting so i wont be concentrating too much on the cramps. then when i get home, i take a long hot shower, get into something comfortable, like a dress or t-shirt, turn my fan on, lay down on my bed with wat ever i'm craving at the moment and read a book or go to sleep. I take no medication. All i do is drink a nice hot cup of honey lemon tea, snuggle up somewhere comfortable and relax til i fall asleep.
My advice for cramps, don't let them rule your 5/7 days. Try to ignore them and remember it's the sign of not being pregnant, well if you're not trying to get pregnant.
And remember the tasty cravings and the fact that putting up with such pains proves we're stronger than men
"the girl who has no problem with her period"

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Posted by: AJ on Apr 17, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions


A cozy bed with a hot water bottle or heating pad for 1/2 hour or so then take a long nap! or i find if i go for a short walk i "loosen" up a bit.

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Posted by: bluerush on Apr 15, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

my own solution

my solution is a nice hot bath or shower. a huge cup of hot chocolate & send husband with kids out of the house. and just relax!!!!!!!

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Posted by: MerryB on Apr 13, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Tormenting Cramps

My periods are usually heavy with horrible cramps. The first day is always the worst. It's a continous sharp jab in my abdomen and constant back pains. Usually I become physically ill along with it (ie vomiting and fevers). I asked my doctor if there was ANYTHING I could do to stop the torture! She suggested that I begin taking Motrin or Aleve the whole week before my period. I tried it but was very doubtful it would do anything. To my surprise and relief, it worked. I wasn't 100% pain free, but it definitely was not horrible or debilitating. Unfortunately I don't always follow through with the pills the week before. If that's the case then I usually sit at home, take half of a muscle relaxer, and put a heating pad on my lower back.

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