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Menstrual Cramp Solutions
What's your solution for menstrual cramps?

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Tormenting Cramps

Posted by: MerryB on Fri Apr 13, 2007

My periods are usually heavy with horrible cramps. The first day is always the worst. It's a continous sharp jab in my abdomen and constant back pains. Usually I become physically ill along with it (ie vomiting and fevers). I asked my doctor if there was ANYTHING I could do to stop the torture! She suggested that I begin taking Motrin or Aleve the whole week before my period. I tried it but was very doubtful it would do anything. To my surprise and relief, it worked. I wasn't 100% pain free, but it definitely was not horrible or debilitating. Unfortunately I don't always follow through with the pills the week before. If that's the case then I usually sit at home, take half of a muscle relaxer, and put a heating pad on my lower back.

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