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Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Which PMS symptoms do you get? Are your symptoms tolerable or really disruptive? How do you deal with PMS, and what, if anything, helps you the most?

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Posted by: emski on Mar 26, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome


On average i get PMT 2 weeks before i'm due my period. I become a different person. My moods are awful... i throw things, slam doors, cry, scream, shout and to make it worse these moods can change in a matter of minutes. Half the time it feels like i'm going crazy! My husband is very supportive although i know it's hard for him. My breasts also feel like they're made of concerete.

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Posted by: Shaye on Mar 23, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

Staying active

I normally get PMS about 2 days before my period. I get really bad cramps, along with a few crying spells and feeling sorry for myself. Most of the time I go outside and try to stay active. It really helps my cramps go away and I still get some exercise :)

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Posted by: nickswife on Mar 22, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome


I think that alot of women who have mild PMS symptoms bring it upon themselves without realizing it. I've noticed a huge difference in my mood swings etc when I'm eating properly, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Often we eat junk food when that time of the month comes around, and it really magnifies the problems. I've experienced depression, weight gain, mood swings, and picking fights with people, and ALOt has been remedied by proper nutrition and healthy living. Drinking enough water is a huge factor too.

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Posted by: missvyboo29 on Mar 22, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS symptoms

I get very cranky and irritable 2 or 3 days before hand so it is very disruptive...and nothing helps me .....well not being around anyone thats about it for me

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Posted by: lauren2128 on Mar 20, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome


Hey Girls,

I get terrible mood swings which annoy me and my fiance and my friends. Or rather, I should say, I DID get mood swings. NO MORE!

My doctor recommend an AMAZING vitamin, called Optivite. you take 2 a day regularly and 6 (yes, 6) if you're feeling PMSy. they are AMAZING. my fiance likes to claim that i'm a completely different person... so much more pleasant to be around - and I feel great too!

I've also noticed that my cramps aren't quite as bad, which is always nice.

These pills are NOT medication, they're just vitamins that help balance your body to the natural levels that you should have. you can find them at Target.

DON'T BE PISSY ANYMORE! these are fabulous vitamins and hopefully they'll work for you, too.

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Posted by: Linda on Mar 20, 2007
Dealing wth Premenstrual Syndrome

My menstrual cycles are the defining "periods" of my life.

My menstrual cycles are the defining "periods" of my life. I have to plan everything else around them, though they are rather unpredictable. I've noticed since I started using this website and logging my periods, I averaged about a 35 day cycle for about the last 2 years, even though sometimes it's 40 days, other times 32 or so... No matter. The worst part about the whole thing is the complete and utter rage that I feel during the onset of my period. As a matter of fact, I was just reading another post that someone had written and it said something about "quit complaining until you've gotten a medical exam" and stop me if I'm wrong, but what are we doing here if not RELATING what we're going through, medical exam or not My God! Talk about rage! What an idiot... What I'm concerned about is the feeling I get while I'm driving when I am premenstrual. Besides the woman I talked about above, there are a lot of idiots, especially on the road in Southern California. You know, I usually don't talk this freely and let my feeling out, but that woman really got my goat - and no, I'm not even getting ready to start my period and I'm usually an extremely good and nice person.
Anyway, as far as symptoms go, the breast tenderness and acne has lessened with age 46-but there is a lot of pain in the uterus and back, not to mention a general feeling of overall flulike symptoms. I feel weak, too. One thing I've come to really dislike is the term "Aunt Flo". I don't know why, but there it is. I also have bloating and have to wear a pant size bigger, for comfort's sake, and I go through quite a few tampons. Someone else mentioned that they the liked Kotex Security brand. I also like them the very best. Okay, that's it for me. Just to let everyone reading know, I've never shared on anything like this, but between little miss "quit complaing" and the honest desire to find common ground, I just thought I would. You all take care and feel better!!
Sincerely, Linda

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