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Menstrual Cramp Solutions

What's your solution for menstrual cramps?

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Posted by: TTC4 on Oct 11, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Cramps soothing with a certain heating pad.

Heating Pad Not At A department store, but at a medical supply store they get hotter and have moisture and they last along time.

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Posted by: tiny_pep on Oct 7, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Rice Buddies

I agree with sleep but i found that if i take large woolen socks fill them with rice then put in the microwave for a few min. it's an inexpensive heating pad technique relieves a lot of my menstrual cramps and i can sleep much more easily. My friends used to tease me but now they do it too. I've called them rice buddies

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Posted by: MellyJC on Oct 2, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Natural relief

I can tell when it's coming...and I do my best to stretch my lower back, as that's where I get it the worst. I'm sure I look funny slightly hunched/bent over stretching the area, but it feels so much better when I do.

And of course...regular exercise. I've found that if I'm in a regular exercise routine, my cramps are miniscule in comparison to what they normally are.

Having hubby rub my back is good too, but he's not always around. If I get really desperate, I'll take an Ibuprofen.

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Posted by: KimLivz4Christ on Sep 3, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

Cramp Reliever- Natural

MidoL Complete gels- N a Heating pad :)
oya Chamomile Tea helps not only w/ cramps but also w/ sleeping issues as well-also A native american gf gav me this natural remd. tea 4 cramps- {Kiowa Tea}- ps, u can find these herbs @ a local herbalist shop-;)

1 tablspn fresh peppermint leaves
1/2 tablspn frsh dandelion blossoms

Boil the mint leaves and the dandelion blossoms together for 7-10 min. then strain out the herbs an drink the liquid as a tea. if u cant find the dandelion blossoms , the peppermint will wrk by itself- also u can buy the teas @ publix lik Tazo chamomile tea - but if ur gonna use tea as a cramp reliver then make sur it has no caffine in it ;0 cuz that maks cramps Extra Owwie LoL

God Bless, JesusLvsU

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Posted by: stine13 on Sep 2, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

cramp cure

the only thing that works for me is SLEEP.. that is IF i can fall asleep... i also take a drug called naproxen .. ask your doctor about it.. when taken with tylenol it stops cramps right away

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Posted by: shaz1705 on Aug 20, 2007
Menstrual Cramp Solutions

my solution for menstrual cramps

hot water bottle and 1g paracetamol and 400mg of ibrofen. works a treat for me!

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